Eureka Foong, PhD

Past Projects

Below are past research projects I've led in human-computer interaction.

Gender Equity in Online Freelancing

Carnegie Mellon University, CoEx Lab

In many parts of the world, women earn less on average compared to men. Through surveys and big data analyses, I showed that gender rate gaps continue to exist in online freelancing, despite more flexible work arrangements.

Online Feedback Exchange (OFE) and Career Development

Northwestern University / Adobe Research

OFE systems let people test concepts with millions of users before going to market. With Adobe, I applied design-based research methods to create CrowdFolio, a rapid crowdsourced feedback tool for freelance designers and their portfolios.

Work-Life Balance and Remote Work

University of Tokyo / NTT

I conducted an online experiment to understand how moments of leaving video meetings early impact people's perceptions across Japanese and US cultures.